Types of CCTV Camera

Types of CCTV Camera
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CCTV cameras come in different styles, types, and configurations. Some of them can be used inside, while others are best for outside. A large number of them even have a night vision capability, which enables them to catch everything even in dark. With such huge numbers of CCTV camera options, the homeowners and businesses have a wide selection of cameras to choose from.

DOM Cameras

Dome cameras are one of the best choices amongst other options available. The best thing about these cameras is that they can not be easily controlled or vandalized, even when they are inside somebody’s reach. They are generally installed in drop ceiling using just two or four screws. DOM cameras can likewise accommodate infrared facility for night vision.

While DOM cameras are the best option in numerous workplaces and homes, they do have a few restrictions. As the domes are very small, there are restrictions on the size of the lens available. In case you require a camera that can focus on long distances (50mm or more), it will not fit inside a standard dome camera. They can be used for public places, or simple plastic casing for offices and homes.

Dome Camera

Box Cameras

Box CCTV camera options are best when mounting to any vertical area or to a wall. It will also work when you need to use it to view long distances using a long lens. Unless the camera is infrared sensitive, it will not work well in low light conditions. When this camera is within easy reach, it is housed in a protective enclosure. Sometimes it is house box equipped with external infrared illuminators for assisting in low light conditions.

Box Camera

Infrared Cameras

These CCTV camera options can see depending upon its illumination capacity. These cameras are equipped with LED’s that cast out into the darkness. There are some most recent LED’s known as Cat’s Eye’s that have considerably more power. However, they are just used as a part of hi-tech cameras.

Bullet Cameras

These cameras are best when you want your camera to be inconspicuous, but not covert. They are good for shorter to middle distances when low light conditions are not a consideration. As these CCTV camera types are small, they have limited capability lens and internal board. Therefore, their picture quality is less than more traditional cameras that come with camera function controls and double layer board.

Bullet Camera

Covert Cameras

These cameras are designed in a way that they are not easily visible. They can have all sizes and shapes, such as smoke detectors, wall clocks, or even as a sprinkler head.

Covert Camera

Wireless Cameras

These cameras are best when connected to the physical connection to digital video recorder is not possible. However, the wireless facility will work only for the video signal, as you will still need writing to power the camera. These CCTV camera types are available in most styles.

Wireless Camera

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

When you are keen on a live control of your CCTV camera, and manual modification of tilt, pan or zoom is not possible. When you need to set a camera to see from various points, you can get desired outcomes with PTZ camera.

These CCTV cameras can not see or record where it is not looking. You cannot tilt, pan or zoom once it has been recorded. It’s costly to make a PTZ camera remote.

Ptz Camera

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